In his book Wired for Culture, The Natural History of Human Cooperation, Nigel Pagel describes the culture as the innovation that we call “culture” that has enabled Homo sapiens as a species to spread across the globe and adapt successfully in many different environments, climates and terrains.

It has been a highly successful strategy. However, as a species while we have an astonishing capacity to take on a bewildering diversity of cultures, as individuals we are highly invested with the particular culture that we happen to belong to.

In a world of globalized working in which we depend for our success on the quality of our relationships with people in multiple organizations in many different countries, our innate attachment to our own culture may become an inadvertent barrier to our own success.

We don’t need to abandon our own cultural identity to sustain successful supply chain relationships but we do need to learn to be flexible and to how to build trust and rapport with people who belong to cultures other than our own.

If we want our businesses to thrive in supply chains made up of multiple organizations in different countries with whom we must work with every day to satisfy the requirements of our customers then we urgently need to have people in our team who can do this effectively and consistently.

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21st Century Warehousing: Strategy and Operation

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