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Our philosophy of consulting is based around the idea that the client must be measurably better off in terms of the business outcomes that really matter such as growth, productivity, customer retention, quality and compliance. Often the key to dramatic improvement is to unlock resources and capabilities that often already exist within the organization and redeploy to better effect without the need for major investment.

We have applied this philosophy successfully with Fortune 500 companies across the world in Europe, Asia and Americas since 2005 with repeat business with many long-standing clients stretching back many years being a notable ingredient of our success.

Tactical initiatives across a range of supply chain operation include:

Warehouse and Distribution Centre Design

In today’s globally interconnected supply chains, the warehouse, whether in manufacturing, distribution or logistics services is now a high technology hub that is critical to the efficiency, margins and responsiveness of the business.

The judicious deployment of infrastructure, equipment and systems to underpin and enhance the performance of people and processes is the difference between those businesses that thrive and those that left behind.

We have designed dozens of warehouse facilities, both conventional and automated, in manufacturing, distribution and logistics services in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Distribution Network Design

Distribution transport is often the highest single cost element of an organization’s logistics operations. The location of central warehousing and transit warehouse facilities together with the configuration and optimization of delivery routes and carrier selection has a dramatic impact on service, quality and efficiency.We can help you leverage the capabilities of transport networks to unlock value reduce waste and deliver cost efficiency, service enhancement and improved environmental compliance

Productivity and Process Improvement

The harmonious interaction of people, processes and technology is the crucible that forges high productivity in logistics operations. This a rapidly evolving area as Industry 4.0 brings with it the commercially viable advent of robotics and augmented reality into supply chain and logistics operations such as self-drive vehicles, materials handling robots, pick-by-vision and the internet of things all technologies that will shape the processes and productivity of supply chain and logistics operations across all sectors in the immediate future.

We have spent many years analysing the structure and components of work and designing processes and methods to enhance the performance of logistics operations in warehousing, manufacturing and transport.


Outsourced Supply Chain Operations Modern supply chains are made up of complex interconnections between suppliers their customers and their customers’ customers. Faced with the complexity of supply chain operations, many organizations have taken the strategic decision to outsource diverse parts of their supply chain such as warehousing, transport, inventory management, product assembly and other value added services to specialised service providers.

Many of these service providers possess specific expertise, capabilities and capacities and can deliver economies of scale and scope to raise efficiency, enhance service and improve quality. Outsourcing any significant supply chain function to a service provider is a major strategic undertaking with myriad implications for all aspects of the business and one that tends to evolve and develop over time with long term strategic implications for the business.

We have help our clients to determine whether outsourcing is a good strategic option for their future business and where this has proved to be the case to work with them to specify their requirements clearly, identify qualified service providers, evaluate and select the best partner and guide the client and the service provider through to implementation of the working relationship.

International Logistics Operations Strategy

Many companies today, both multinational and SMEs conduct business on an international if not a global scale. The diverse challenges posed by international sourcing, manufacturing and marketing give rise to myriad options for the configuration of supply chains in terms of activities, locations, transport connections and where value is added and captured along the supply chain.

We can provide the technical know-how, analytical capability and international experience and perspective to help organizations to develop international supply chain strategies that will enhance the value of the business and drive true business benefits in the form of growth, profitability and improved customer services.

Patrick Daly has authored the book International Supply Chain Relationships scheduled to be published by Kogan Page in October 2018.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions generally give rise to the coming together of diverse logistics operations and supply chain solutions. This often presents the new entity with both the challenges of duplication and the opportunity to achieve operational synergies and efficiencies – often at the same time! Determining how to reconfigure these diverse operations into a coherent solution that will enhance the value of the merged businesses requires well developed skills of analysis, decision making, prioritization and change management to ensure that this takes place in an orderly and timely manner.
21st Century Warehousing: Strategy and Operation

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