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Logistics Leader Executive Coaching

Logistics Leader Executive Coaching

In today’s busy business world, logistics and supply chain managers are responsible for managing complex operations involving people, equipment and systems to deliver tangible business results. At times this can be a challenging and lonely endeavour.

For this reason, I have developed the Logistics Leader Coaching Program to provide feedback, reinforcement and accountability to ambitious managers embarking on both tactical and strategic initiatives to improve their performance and the results of their businesses, divisions or departments.

Each programme is tailored to the specific circumstances, goals and plans of the individual manager and provides the guidance and content matter expertise to empower the manager to address challenges and improve results, providing immediate feedback, for implementation and accountability. Typical areas covered include:

•Formulating and implementing improvement initiatives.
•Measuring and managing results. Planning and executing change.
•Project development and justification.
•Selecting equipment and technology.
•Interacting with vendors and suppliers.
And much more.

Programs are for a minimum of 6 months and can be renewed for 3 months thereafter. To find out how I can challenge you and provide you with accountability to achieve you best results, email me now….

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