Demolishing Bureaucracy in Business

Conversation with Alexander Nowroth, co-founder and managing partner at Lebenswerk consulting based in Dusseldorf, Germany on the subject of how to pull down the bureaucratic obstacles that exist within many businesses.

In this episode of the Interlinks podcast, we explore the intersections of business, technology, and innovation, with a special guest, Alexander Nowroth of Lebenswerk Consulting who joins us from Dusseldorf, Germany.

For many years, Alex was an internationally successful sales leader in the logistics services industry—one of the most demanding B2B sales sectors in the world and since founding his management consulting company, LEBENSWERK CONSULTING GROUP, in 2016, Alex has been successfully helping company leaders achieve both top and bottom-line growth.

Alex is also an expert on digital sales tools, and his current area of interest is how to demolish unnecessary bureaucratic barriers that exist in many workplaces. We dive deep into this topic in this conversation.

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