Your Best Interest Served

21st Century Warehousing: Strategy and Operation

Patrick Daly of Alba Consulting explains how you benefit from working with Alba Consulting.

Whatever the input from an external consultant, whether it be expertise, mentoring, analysis, surveys or training, it is always in your best interest as the client to be absolutely clear at the start about the results and the benefits that you will get from the consultant’s involvement in your project and how you are going to measure progress towards these results.

Here are some questions to to ask yourself when considering getting outside help:

  • What is the capability I want to build on or the opportunity that I want to exploit will make the difference and propel my business ahead?
  • What is it that I will point to at the end of a project and say “this was a resounding success”?
  • How will I know that things are better – how will it look and how will it feel?
  • How am I going to be better off when the consultant is gone?
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