La Planificación Estratégica es una Contradicción

Cuando nos enfocamos en la actividad de la planificación empezamos anclados en la organización de
hoy (1) y extrapolamos hacia el futuro cargados de todas sus limitaciones y restricciones. De este
modo, llegamos a la organización futura incremental (2) no muy diferente a la actual. Por eso, a
menudo la “estrategia” enfocada desde esta perspectiva de la planificación falla. Hacer planificación
no es lo mismo que hacer estrategia y la “planificación estratégica”, por tanto, es una contradicción
en términos.

Representación Gráfica de la Planificación



La estrategia, en cambio, debería empezar justo al revés. La imagen de la organización futura (3) se
convierte en la meta, sin importar dónde estemos hoy, lo cual se convierte en la organización de
ayer (4). El proceso mental de hacer estrategia es justo el inverso al de hacer planificación.
Empezamos con la imagen futura de la organización, liberados mentalmente de sus limitaciones y
restricciones actuales, y determinamos qué es lo que tiene que cambiar para que la imagen se
convierta en realidad.

Representación Gráfica de la Estrategia

The Brexit rollercoaster continues. Theresa May has been succeeded by Boris Johnson in the UK premiership.

At the time of writing it appears that we are entering a new period of extreme political brinkmanship with three months to go to the October 31st deadline. What the outcome will be is anyone’s guess in this moment of volatility and uncertainty. However, one thing that we can be sure about in Ireland, whatever the outcome of the Brexit process, is that stability and certainty on the future trading relationship with the United Kingdom is very far off. Consequently, we must accelerate our plans and actions as business people to mitigate the worst effects of Brexit and to ensure that our businesses can survive and thrive into the future.

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Framework for 3 x 3 Approach to Supply Chain Management

Alba Logistics Consultants Ireland (3×3 SCM™)

International supply chain partners are myriad, and include suppliers, sister companies, carriers, service providers, distributors, agents, and brokers as well the compliance, regulatory and fiscal authorities in all the jurisdictions where the business operates. Managing this multiplicity of relationships and connections is complex and challenging, even for the largest of organizations with substantial resources at their disposal, and a one-size-fits-all approach and model is simply neither effective nor efficient – a differentiated approach is required.

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In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, companies tended to conduct most, if not all, their business in-house. The Ford Motor Company famously owned the plantations to that provided the rubber needed for its car tyres as well as iron ore mines and steel making capability for its body panels and components.  (supply-chain-consultant)

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In my career over the last twenty years or so as a consultant, speaker, and author, I have had the opportunity to visit and work in over twenty different countries across five continents including places as diverse as China, India, Croatia, and Uruguay. This experience has been tremendously enriching for me professionally and personally. Furthermore, it has enhanced my reputation in the eyes of my clients as a business consultant who understands and appreciates the practicalities and complexities of running business operations across international borders.

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21st Century Warehousing: Strategy and Operation

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