About Us

In 2005, Patrick Daly founded Alba Consulting. As a business our central goal is to improve the condition of our clients and to leave them and their businesses significantly better off in tangible, measurable ways after working with us. Today, Alba operates out of Dublin, Ireland and has helped many national and multinational corporations in sectors such as natural resources, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food, electronics and transport to achieve their logistical and supply chain goals.A unique aspect of Alba Consulting’s approach is a central focus on your results and the tangible business value that these will deliver in terms of growth, efficiency and profitability to ensure a dramatic return on investment. So if you wish to redefine the logistical strategies supporting your manufacturing operations, develop and implement skills improvement in your supply chain or open markets in Latin America – then we can help you with these challenges and many more!

Patrick Daly, Founder and Managing Director, has worked in the manufacturing and logistics sector for over 25 years. He is also active on the Councils of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Ireland, and the Irish Exporters Association as well as being chairman of the Latin American Trade Forum.